Dr. Iman Rahimi

Dr. Iman Rahimi

San Antonio Dentist

Born in Kuwait and raised in Dubai, Dr. Rahimi was led to the medical field at an early age. After witnessing her mother’s life become compromised by a deadly scorpion bite and the difference the doctors were able to make, she immediately felt the call to serve in the medical field. She would later earn her Doctorate of Dental Surgery in the UAE. In 2013, Dr. Rahimi’s passion for dentistry led her to move to the United States with the intention of broadening her knowledge in dentistry. She fell in love with Texas and attended a two-year International Dentist Education Program, at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. After obtaining her DDS in the US, she advanced her knowledge and expertise to provide the best care possible to her patients. This dedication led her to attend a one-year Advanced Education Residency in Rochester, NY. Her residency involved intense training in oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and comprehensive dental care.

Dr. Rahimi is proud to call Texas home and has returned to San Antonio to serve the community by providing the highest quality of dental care possible. Additionally, she is deeply dedicated and involved in her community through various charities and other community works.

Dr. Rahimi believes that every individual has a unique journey and takes great pride in being a part of that through dentistry. Dr. Rahimi has learned she will improve lives by instilling confidence, relieving pain, and providing a pleasurable dental experience for those she serves. Her dedication to improving the oral, physical, and mental health of her patients will continue to be the focus of her work.

Many have anxious tendencies about a visit to the dentist, however, Dr. Rahimi has strengthened her quality of care through her friendly demeanor and calming presence. Additionally, her ability to communicate effectively and encourage trust amongst her patients yields positive rapport and relationships.

Dr. Rahimi enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her free time is also spent cooking, jogging, biking, traveling, and serving the community alongside her church through mission trips.

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