Dental Care

General Dental Services

Here at Westlakes Family Dental, we specialize in your family’s dental care. Oral health is an essential part of your overall heath and we emphasize the prevention and treatment of oral infections and diseases.

Dental Care

Our general dental care services include:

  • Dental Exams

This is an important element for the prevention and treatment of cavities and gum infections. Our doctors provide a general comprehensive exam at your first appointment and during your regular check-ups. They also provide area specific dental exams for those problem areas that require immediate attention. Our exams include: cavity evaluation, gum health evaluation, tissue and cancer screening.

  • Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment

Under the supervision of the dentist, our dental hygienists provide dental preventive services such as the assessment and treatment of mild to more severe gum disease. We also offer dental care education to prevent further infection and use ADA approved instruments and products.

  • Tooth Extractions

We do our best to save all your teeth, but when the teeth are severely damaged and can cause problems to your general health, our dentists offer teeth extractions. They are highly qualified to remove teeth in a safe and comfortable environment. They use local anesthetics to ensure you have minimal trauma and discomfort, & in cases of extreme anxiety, they offer conscious sedation.

  • Root Canals

This treatment is performed on severely decayed teeth or when the tooth becomes infected. During this procedure, the nerve of the tooth is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned,shaped, and sealed. Often times, these teeth become weak, and in order to preserve their strength it is necessary to place a crown. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and we do our best to minimize the discomfort that is often characteristic of a root canal.

  • Tooth Replacement

When tooth loss occurs, there are up to 3 options which we offer for replacement. (1) Implants- The most natural, long-lasting and predictable of these is the dental implant. It is a titanium replacement for your tooth and root, with a permanent crown placed for the most natural look and bite. (2) Bridge – If a tooth remains on each side of a missing tooth, a bridge may be an option. Each tooth is prepared much as a crown would be prepared and a fully functional cemented and permanent crown spans the space. (3) Dentures and Partials – Full complete dentures, or removable partial dentures, which use remaining teeth as anchors, could be an option if you are missing multiple teeth. We also offer denture repairs, denture relines, denture duplications, and denture/partial modifications.

  • Cosmetic Services

In addition to general dental care, we also perform several cosmetic services to improve your smile. Click here for a list of our cosmetic dental services.

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